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The university faculty experience sharing content is according to a random order

Tsinghua UniversityDr.Pin Tao


Pin Tao received his B. Eng. and Ph. D. degree from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1997 and 2002 respectively. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Computer Science and Technology of Tsinghua University. His general research interests is embedded multimedia processing, including digital video compressing, multi-core optimization and real-time embedded software. His most recent research focus in on non-order high definition video intra coding, parallel encoding and load balance on multi-core embedded platform. Dr. Pin Tao join several nation projects as the principal researcher or core player in recent 3 years, including National Significant Science and Technology Projects of China, National High-Tech Research and Development Plan of China and National Nature Science Foundation Project of China. He also has the strong research cooperation with Intel, Renesas, Microsoft, FreeScale, etc. More than 40 academic papers and patents has been published in recent yeas. Dr. Pin Tao has won the IBM Innovation Award on Real Time Research in 2008. He teaches embedded system curriculum for CS department of Tsinghua University, and he is the chief instructor of the Intel-MoE model curriculum of China. In 2011, his team won the 2nd place of Imagine Cup worldwide competition on Embedded System.

IA based Embedded Curriculum Sharing
Course Name: Embedded System Course Type: both PPT & Hands-on Target Student/Semester: Senior Students on Autumn Semester Student Number (per year): about 150/year Course Duration: 16 weeks Prerequisite Courses: Computer Organization, Operating System

Shanghai Jiaotong UniversityLetian Jiang


Dr. Letian Jiang received his B.S. degree in electronics engineering and M.S. degree in circuit and system from Xidian University in 1997 and in 2000 respectively. After graduated from Xidian University, he came to Shanghai Jiaotong University, where he got his Ph.D degree in circuit and system in 2003. Now, he is an associate professor of Shanghai jiaotong university. Dr. Letian Jiang joined Shanghai Jiaotong University in 2003 after he graduated.. Besides the experiences in teaching the courses of Linear Electronic Circuits, Computer-Aided Test in Digital System and Reliability Design in Digital System, and Embedded system, he has taken part in many researches. Since 1999, Dr. Jiang and his team have been cooperating with Motorola (Beijing) to develop the applications on Mobile phone, such as “A6188”, “A388” and so on. And in 2000, they began to cooperate with Global Software Division, Motorola in Chicago, on the research on system reliability and availability in communication system and software. Since 2001, cooperating with Intel software Lab. (shanghai), they began to develop the embedded system based on “Strong Arm” chip, PXA250/255, and EIA processors. He has published more than 40 papers in international and domestic journals. His major is circuit and system, and his research interests include: reliability and availability research on communication system, software aging and reliability, and software rejuvenation, Embedded System.

Embedded System and Structure
"Embedded system overview, embedded processor, embedded OS, and Application development"

Zhejiang UniversityWenzhi Chen


Wenzhi Chen is a professor at Zhejiang University in China. He received the BS, MS and PhD degrees in Computer Science from Zhejiang University. Prof. Chen is the leader of many major projects, such as 1 National Science Foundations (国家自然基金), 4 National Defense Key Projects (国防重点项目), 3 CORE-HIGH-BASE Major Projects (国家核高基项目), 7 National High Technology Research and Development Program Projects (国家863项目), and more than 10 Great Projects from Zhejiang Province (浙江省重大项目). Chen also is in charge of the embedded system course in Zhejiang University, which is the National Quality Course (国家级精品课程). Chen published more than 40 papers, applied for 20 national invention patents (10 have been authorized), obtained more than 20 software copyrights. He is the chief editor of 3 Textbooks. The book “Principles and Design of Embedded System (2010)” is National Eleventh Five-Year Plan Official Textbooks (“十一五”国家级规划教材).

"IA based Embedded Curriculum Sharing "
System design ability is the theory of the course, combined with computer organization, computer architecture, OS, compiler technology courses, the goal is to improve students’ practical and innovation abilities for designing and implementing embedded (computer) systems with specific application requirements.
2012 Intel SINO-US Higher Education Curriculum Forum-Intelligent Embedded System
"Parallel systems and embedded systems are two major application fields of computer architecture, and in both fields, Intel takes the leading position."

为了鼓励大家积极参与Intel 嵌入式在线培训课堂,我们为完成培训的学员准备了包括京东商城电子礼品卡,CSDN & 《程序员》VIP会员卡,英特尔嵌入式系列教材,ESDC钥匙链等在内的丰富奖品。只要您完成在线培训,通过测试并提交反馈意见,就能获得英特尔软件学院的培训证书并有机会赢取上述丰富奖品。[更多详情]