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Peking UniversityProf.Zhonghai Wu


Research Interests: Software and Service Engineering, Embedded Software and System,Multimedia and Human-Computer Interaction. Past Achievements: Zhiqiang Yu, Zhonghai Wu,etc, Event-Level Parallel Methods and Apparatus for XML Parsing. American Patent No: 20110153604 Hongzhi Liu, Zhonghai Wu, A New 3D Bounding Box Estimation Approach for Object Reconstruction, Advanced Science Letters, 2012.3.pp523-527 Tong Mo, Wu ZhongHai, etc, A kind of Framework for context-aware service, Journal of Computer, 2010 (11), pp2084-2092 Peifei Sun, Zhonghai Wu, etc, LBMS: Load Balancing based on Multilateral Security in the Cloud. ACM CCS 2011, pp861-864, October 17–21, 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA

2012 Intel China Embedded Curriculum Online Training Peking University Sharing
Please list the basic information of your embedded Curriculum on this page. If you have more than one course, please list each course information on a separate page and specify their relationship. Following items for your reference

South China University of TechnologyHuabiao Qin


Research area:  Embedded system, Visual Perception , Wireless sensor network, FPGA and SOC design.


IA based Embedded Curriculum Summary
Based on the embedded Linux, this course introduced the theory and method of embedded communication system, the contents include: The Hardware platform of Embedded system and Intel Architecture

Beijing University of TechnologyDeqiang Han


I currently serve as director of the experimental center in Beijing University of Technology's computer science college, and mainly engaged in the work of embedded systems teaching and research. Before that, I had 12 years of X86 IPC board development and control engineering R & D experience. I also served as editor of the Chinese core journals named Application of Electronic Technique, and the Chinese outstanding scientific and technical journals named Microcomputer & ITS Applications. Meanwhile, I am the director of Beijing Higher Institute of Laboratory Research and the member of the embedded system association, the world's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on Microsoft Windows Embedded. Now, I am in charge of the Ministry of Education-Microsoft Course Construction Project of embedded systems course and Ministry of Education-Intel Course Construction Project of embedded architecture course, Project Leader on Beijing Quality Teaching Materials Construction. I received the honorary title of "Beijing Outstanding Young Engineer” in 2006.

Beijing University of Technology IA based Embedded System Curriculum
The Curriculum require to understand the architecture of CISC(Atom)and RISC(ARM)microprocessors applied in the embedded field

Lanzhou UniversityZhou Qingguo


Qingguo Zhou was born in Fujian, China on November,1973. He received the Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and the Dr.Sci.Degree from Lanzhou University in July 1996, in July 2001 and July in 2005. He was an assistant engineer of physics Department, Lanzhou University in 1996-1998, and then he becomes a lecturer of the Network Center at the same University. Now he is the Professor of the distributed and embedded system lab of SISE, Lanzhou University. He is also vice director in the Engineering Research Center of Open Source Software and Real-time Systems, Ministry of Education, China. He has authored and co-authored more than 51 papers in international journals conference proceedings. He is the recipient of IBM Real-Time Innovation Award in 2007,and the recipient of Google Faculty Award.Now he is the director for Real Time Linux Foundation since October 2007 and also is co-editor for International Journal of Computational Science and Engineering since August, 2011. His research interests include Safety Critical System, Embedded Real-Time System and Virtualization
Research:  Embedded System, Real-Time System, Virtualization, and Reliability Computing

IA based Embedded Curriculum Sharing
This course introduces concepts of embedded system and its features. Students can understand how Linux works in an embedded system, how to customize and tailoring the kernel, how to port and develop the device drivers through this course.

为了鼓励大家积极参与Intel 嵌入式在线培训课堂,我们为完成培训的学员准备了包括京东商城电子礼品卡,CSDN & 《程序员》VIP会员卡,英特尔嵌入式系列教材,ESDC钥匙链等在内的丰富奖品。只要您完成在线培训,通过测试并提交反馈意见,就能获得英特尔软件学院的培训证书并有机会赢取上述丰富奖品。[更多详情]